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Symbolic Still Lives
Various Locations


Drawing and painting are ways I investigate what is important to me. Active mark making enables me to find the qualities that make a particular object meaningful.  For example, birds’ nests are interesting forms because they are natural objects that have been made by animals for a clear purpose.  When I draw them, I am interested in the weaving energy that was used in their creation.  The end result isn’t a representation of the nest but is a representation of the energy created in looking at the nest.  By using different color combinations and mark making, I create the energy I’m seeking to generate through the process of drawing what I see. The birds’ nests and other objects become even more interesting as I place them together into compositions, creating meaning through association with each other.

20- Eleven of Twelve
02 California Dress
18-Sewing Machine
03 Aqua Sewing Machine and Red Shoes
17 Argument
01 Thirtieth Birthday Dress
16 Repurposed Roller Skates
15 Teal Dr.  Marten's with Typewriter
06 Black on White
11 Three Stacked Containers
07 Pink and Green
12 Two Bird's Nests
09 Magenta Boots
08 Yellow Sneakers
14 Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Boots with Empty Nest
04 '70's Vest with Tutu
05 Glass Slippers on Typewriter
13 Wedding Shoes with Empty Nest
19-Seven Sisters
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