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Freya's Vortex of Expectations
Massachusetts College of Art

August 2014

The Freya series was born when I was playing with patterned duct tape on the filthy floor of my graduate school studio. I was stuck in my process. I took a break and went home to work on an assignment. I flipped through my picture book of mythological gods and creatures and discovered a wonderful picture of Freya the Norse Goddess with her chariot driven by domestic cats. I had a rare burst of inspiration and in a frenzy made my Freya installation series over the next year.


09 Chariot with 2 cats
17 shoe totem woman (2) with cat
02 Vertical Vortex
16 baby shoe totems
06 detail of tornado
13 detail from shoe necklace
07 detail of pile, violin side
05 detail of pile and tornado
11 Chariot detail with Starburst Cat
10 Chariot with Racing Cat
03 Vortex with chariot and necklace
15 mac and cheese totem
08 detail of pile
12 detail shoe necklace
14 5 shoe totem babies following shoe totem woman
01 Vortex
04 aerial view of whole vortex
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